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Rice Illa de Riu, taste Ebre Delta. Crops high quality rice. Rice Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía.

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About us

About us

We are an agricultural firm currently run by Juan Trías del Romero, member ofthe third generation of the family, dedicated to the production and commercialization of high quality rice under the brand name ILLA DE RIU. We produce Certified Seed rice and hold the Official Qualification of Seed Selectors.
We therefore obtain different varieties of rice from the first generation for our own use and its commercialization. Among these we find the Bomba seed, which we do not commercialize so as to increase the prestige of our end product.
We also produce different varieties of commercial rice, destined for industry. We harvest approximately 3,600 tonnes of rice from our “Illa de Riu” estate (Ebro Delta) annually, of which 25% is Bomba.
Our sole aim in providing this information is to highlight the quality of our product. In producing our own seed and growing it without the need for third party involvement, we assure maximum quality and no mixing with other varieties, resulting in consistent quality and uniformity of product.
All stages of production take place at our Montsià Cooperative facility, which is equipped with modern installations that meet all health regulations. In addition to the attractiveness of its presentation, our packaging also features a double-sealed interior to ensure perfect conservation.
It is for all these reasons that Bomba “Illa de Riu” rice is being increasingly sought after by the best restaurants and specialist shops inside and outside Spain.
We also offer, at a more accessible price but with the same rigorous quality as Bomba, “Illa de Riu” Bahía rice (exclusively this variety), which is ideal for anyone interested in improving their cooking and searching for constant texture, flavour, cooking time, etc., something only possible with a single variety of rice.
Amongst our rice varieties we also find Carnaroli rice (an Italian variety known for its excellent quality and suitability for risottos), which, like the other varieties, we produce ourselves here on our estate under the brand "Illa de Riu".

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