ILLA DE RIU.Rice crop quality. Arroz Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía

Rice Illa de Riu, taste Ebre Delta. Crops high quality rice. Rice Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía.





We also offer two houses for the purposes of rural tourism: the “Mas Illa de Riu” Farmhouse, which accommodates up to 15 people, and the “Casa Cusa” for 5 people. The houses are set in the confines of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, with its unique views, birds and beaches, just 60 km from the Ports de Beceit Natural Park and 80 km from Port Aventura. The houses provide a wonderful place to enjoy nature and the charms of the region’s three gastronomic cultures: rice, olive oil and wine.

Located 3 km from Sant Jaume d´Enveja, heading towards Illa de Buda (the mouth of the river), the estate is surrounded by rice fields and trees. With the River Ebro just 100 metres away, fishing is also possible here. In front of the house, a table and chairs allow guests to enjoy the setting from the shade of the trees. The house is only rented to single groups; rooms cannot be rented individually. The usual capacity of the house, restricted by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia’s Tourist Board, is 15 people, with occasional increases to 16.

Located 4.5 km from the "Illa del Riu” estate and 7.5 km from Sant Jaume d´Enveja, the house is surrounded by rice fields. It is 1,300 metres from Serrallo beach and equidistant from the Alcafada and Platjola lagoons, which all form part of the EBRO DELTA NATURAL PARK. The house is only rented to single groups; rooms cannot be rented individually. The capacity is 5/6 people. Electricity is provided by solar panels.

Mas Illa de Riu
Casa cusa

Illa de Riu
ILLA DE RIU. Arroz Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía // Burjasenia, s/n - 43896 L’ALDEA (Tarragona)
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