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Our rice-growing origins lie in the production of our own rice seeds. Our own expert (who holds a PhD in agricultural engineering and is a lecturer at Lleida University) selects one hundred ears of rice, from which the best are picked and one hundred more used to begin the next cycle. With these few kilos, a small surface is sown to obtain a second generation. Then, to continue increasing production, a third generation is created, and finally a fourth, from which commercial rice is obtained. This process is identical for all the varieties we select and is repeated each year. This is complex and delicate work, but it ensures a purity of variety which is essential in guaranteeing maximum quality.

Weeds, insects and fungus attack plants during cultivation. We use those products necessary for the optimum development of the plants, and fertilizer is also added at the appropriate time.

The cycle normally begins at the end of April and ends with the mechanical harvest in September. Much care is taken with this procedure in order to ensure that no stray grains of a different variety are present, and thus avoiding contamination, both in the production of seeds and in the rice destined for consumers.

It is dried and stored before it passes through the various stages of production and then is distributed to the final consumer after packaging.

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