ILLA DE RIU.Rice crop quality. Arroz Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía

Rice Illa de Riu, taste Ebre Delta. Crops high quality rice. Rice Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía.

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A variety of rice cultivated since the last century. Highly appreciated for its culinary quality. Growing to twice its length upon cooking, it does not become glutinous and offers great consistency and excellent flavours. "Illa de Riu" Bomba rice, produced from selected seeds, is an unblended variety which offers consistent characteristics when it comes to cooking and flavour, benefiting both chef and consumer.

1KG - 2KG

Mas Illa de Riu
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Illa de Riu
ILLA DE RIU. Arroz Bomba, Carnaroli, Bahía // Burjasenia, s/n - 43896 L’ALDEA (Tarragona)
Tel. 977 45 05 94 - Fax 977 45 17 11